VIP s.c.

We are one of the largest manufacturers of ties in Poland. In addition, we sew vests, bow-ties, pocket squares and other men's clothing accessories. We offer a wide selection of high quality and affordable goods. In addition to production activities, we also have our own warehouse and a fashion showroom. From year to year we supply more and more stores and retail chains, we are wide open to cooperation.


Ties are an elementary addition to menswear. Since the inception of our company in the market, we continuously we deal with their production and distribution. Our experience in this area makes our ties...



We have long term experience in the distribution of men's jewelry. We offer hundreds of designs of cufflinks, ties and tuxedos. Designs of cufflinks available at our warehouse change regularly every few months.


Bow Ties

Bow ties regain favour. Bow tie is our best-selling product, right after ties. Our offer includes all current designs of bow ties. This product, just as a tie is fully customizable.


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